Sunrise is best spent in the aspens.

Fresh snow trauma all around. Stripped bark and trees piled on trees is a clear sign from Mother Nature… I like to call this area the War Zone. You can’t really go anywhere without being right at the bottom of some huge slide path so choosing the right time for passage is key. Just wait till spring, you’ll find 40 foot piles of debris from the glide slides.

Fellow photog Andrew Miller dropping…

Coulter climbs trees to get to his lines.

If this isn’t surfing the mountain, I don’t know what is… And in proper style leaving clean slashes for the rest of us.

Frame grab from Canon 7D video.

I dont think that was a rock he landed on… more like a hole.

Our alpine playground.

Keeping things interesting on the 4 mile exit… A bomb hole or two had running water under it. Powder for days whheeww!

A great day in the hills.