Its been a cold one out there. Mostly negative digits with day in and day out of storm shredding as our snowpacks biulds by the hour. A clearing was scheduled for Thanksgiving so we headed to Wasangeles!

This is the single most populated backcountry area I know about. It gets hammered constantly by the helis during the season and it’ll look like an ant farm from the top of any peak.

Still waiting for the good stuff to fill in, but High Ivory will look the same year-round. The skinner’s in with a coupla tracks. Who doesn’t like wide open powder feilds?

Check out this jokester. We ran into a party of 4 on the top of our first line. They were retreating from the Superior south face proper due to collapsing and fracturing. 3 of em traversed across, but this guy was pretty freaked out about avalanche potential so he does this sketchy ass ledge traverse right over Nic’s head! Ends up scraping off this cliff and causing 5 times as much force on the slope than necessary WITH other people in harms way. Shredding Wasangeles is like driving… You gotta watch out for other people to kill you.

This was one of my first backcountry lines. I snowshoed to the top, met Andrew Mclean and had no idea who he was. Some more weird tracks here too. 2 people cutting right across the belly of the face and another guy sneaking in right as Pouch was about to drop… Madness!

You can understand why everyone wants to come here.

Dropping Wiggle Wonderland.

The top 100 feet had some serious wind slab, but the sheltered footballs fields below were on point.

On the 2,000 foot exit line, we kept talkin about how cool these sun dogs looked with our goggles. Here’s one with my gogs and a polarized filter.

So very thankful to be in these mountains all day with homies, great snow and no helicopters!

….and Thanksgiving dinner @ Sunnyside was just as good!