Pouch on the ups.

Ultra endurance formula.

Had my eye on this beast for a whiiile now… one day it will happen.

Peak #1. A crispy turn or two off the high ridgelines but the goods are always lurking below…

Stoked! 2 more to go…

Up through the stoney trees…

And into the cold smoke hovering above the city.

The Flying Zucchini.

Peak #2

Headed to peak #3

This is the only shot I took on the last and final chute but as you can see from the first photo, its a long, steep and narrow couloir with technical moves all the way down. It starts out in a 40-45 degree hanging bowl that quickly funnels into the main attraction. It’ll teach you to make heavy slough calls and ends in this here cliff choke… constantly pummelled with spindrift. You can skirt around it but it’s definitely not the place to go for a slide.

Sun up to sun down… fuckin mountains man.