So we all came to the conclusion… its about time to break in The Tee Pee n do some winter camping action. We missioned up in the darkness, crossed the path of yet another avalanche and set up shop on a perfect clear & calm night. ¬†We shared some heady brews, boxed wine, passed the torch and howled at the moon. I have some pretty awesome friends…

TC Blog 1

TC Blog 2

Danimal is stoked to be back in the backcountry.

TC Blog 3

Mark doin some new product testing.

TC Blog 4

Good mornin fella.

TC Blog 5

So many slides here in Daze Fork.

TC Blog 6

Climbed up n outta there for a look out to The Soup and the Fluffhead lines. Some people really are fluffheads cause there were tracks on those lines. Not the smartest idea but hey… they got away with it.

TC Blog 8

We chose to spend the day doin twirley birds n butters on the low angle pow rollers that riddle the drainage. The light really sucked for photos so I declared this one a personal day. We found the dankest little zone with all kinds of natural features and double lines so we packed out a lip, made some creative decisions and had a blast just goofin around.

TC Blog 9

Just when we thought it was over, we stumbled upon this hidden stash of tree chutes to shred with the packs…. very noice.

TC Blog 10

So that’s what I saw looming above my head in the dark.

TC Blog 11

More fun grabbin rail and touching sky.

TC Blog 12

Oh the joy

Thanks to Danimal for shootin a coupla photos of me.

I’m now kickin it at home on the east coast for 10 days so i’ve taken my sweet time puttin up these shots. Lets hope there’s more snow when I get back. Happy holidays erybody!