09 has definitely produced an amazing summer here in the Wasatch. Countless sunny days at the mountain skateparks with all the homies (ending with a pitcher at Squatters), backyard fire parties, backpacking trips to distant tee pees in the wilderness and a ridiculous amount of live music have filled up the calender. There has been unbelievably good times with great friends…. thats for sure. The season started off right with Desert Rocks Music Festival in Moab and was quickly followed by shows like Moe at the Depot and Railroad Earth later in the month. Other events like back to back nights of Wisebird over the 4th and Stonefed’s regular appearance at the Hog Wallow Pub. Head for the Hills played in Park City and Jim Herring (Allman Bros, The Dead, Widespread Panic) played at the Urban Lounge. There has surely been no shortage of fun in and around these hills. Going to see live music is probably the best thing you can do with your summer. There’s plenty too look forward to as well. Yonder Mountain at Red Rocks, Nedfest in Colorado, Phish Fest 8 in California…. the list goes on.

The only thing that could have put a damper on this summer was my Element being broken into and all of my camera/computer gear being stolen. Turns out, it wasnt such a bad thing. Apparently my insurance decided to hook it up with all new toys for my photography enjoyment and it was a nice chance to upgrade.

Here’s the VERY FIRST photo shot by the new hardware.


Many more to come…