KF Blog 1

Kevin’s first day on a splitboard ever, Ally’s first day on snow after 4 months in Yosemite and possibly the coldest temps I’ve ever felt…. ┬áStoked to bring out the homies for some freshies.

KF Blog 3

Gettin the hang of it.

KF Blog 2

Might as well let the rookie break to the top.

KF Blog 4

Basking in the glory of his first splitboard climb.

KF Blog 7

KF Blog 8

The powder was deep as hell and we thought about another lap but the ridiculously cold temps and wind sent us on a long journey to the tee pee to thaw out the frozen limbs.

KF Blog 9

Feelin good again.

KF Blog 10

At one point, the official measurement was -30 degrees with wind chill. The Tee Pee never felt so nice.

KF Blog 11

Then some more pow slashin right before sunset (Photo by Kevin). Outta there with headlamps and back home just in time for 3 layer lasagna with the neighbors.

KF Blog 12

Made it back out just to find that the wind had its way with our powdah.

KF Blog 13

Juuust enough to overload that mess of weak layers. This is the result…

KF Blog 15

Shaw nuff…. a lil cornice drop and there it goes.

KF Blog 16

Not quite ready.

KF Blog 17

So back to the Ramp In The Sky

It’s Damn Cold Outside from Zachary Clanton on Vimeo.