Goin to school on a weekend. This three day feild trip got me two college credits and lots of good photos. Couldnt ask much more of a solid education.

Class left campus around 10 and got to camp at 2:30 to set up. We spent the rest of the day with a warm-up canyon.

Drove back down the road about 30 seconds and started our hike. You can see all the cars in the middle of the photo.

Lil stretch session.

About 45 minutes later, we got to the mouth of the canyon and the first rappel.

Troy, our guide/teacher. This is where the fun begins.

Carl takin a rest from chimney climbin.

2nd rappel.

After passing thru some more awkward passages, the canyon opened up and we were on our way back to camp before the sun went down. Definitely a good one to get a taste of canyoneering.

A great night to check out the Milky Way and tons of shooting stars. The axis of the world’s rotation is just off frame in the top left.

Rise and shine. Ready for another canyon.

This time we started our hike right from camp.

Lookin back towards the site. This whole area used to be a huge marsh that turned into sand dunes. Later it became petrified and is now all sandstone and limestone canyons.


More hiking.

And we were finally on top with Josh and Troy. The Henry mountains in the background. They were notorious for being hideouts for old west outlaws. They are still the most unexplored and uncharted range in the country.

Ya wunna go where?

Sounds good.

Mark, John and Greg relaxin.

Self portrait.

And down another hole.

So much fun.

Definitely became a bit challenging to get out the camera.

The canyon opened up and we all took a breather.

And back into another hole.

John doin some more chimney action.

Check out those rocks and sticks lodged between the walls. All of em were put there by flash floods raging thru the canyon.

Felt like caving.

All of a sudden things started opening up. A little more hiking and we were back to camp.

The next day, we (Carl, John and Greg) woke up and went on a hike to the cliffs above Little Wild Horse. 

Got some epic views of Molly’s Tower.

Saw some ancient rock art, bought a whole grip of juicy melons at Green River and we were off. Back to Salt Lake before sun down. Good times all around.