Big Cottonwood Canyon: Butler Fork trailhead to Baker Pass to Raymond summit and back (22nd). Butler to Baker to Raymond cirque to Circle Awl Peak and back (23rd – 24th).

Elevations: 7,120′ – 10,241′

3,121′ of vert and 17.6 miles

The route up Raymond. The blue spot was the camp site for the last 2 days.

Woke up, cleared the frost off the windshield and down 3 miles to the trailhead. 

Made it thru the switchbacks and got my first view of the summit ridge. Can’t wait to get to the yellow forest.


Climbed up outta there and onto the Baker Pass saddle above Mill A basin.

A little farther up, i got an oh so nice look at the major NW slide path on Gobblers Knob. One of the largest avalanches in the entire mountain range happened on that left face. The wet slab took out dozens of aspens and gouged out a bobsled run in the dirt. A full report.

Good weather on the summit. Lookin down into Porter Fork of Millcreek Canyon.

Scopin out the uppermost east face couloir. My cabin is in the upper right.

A wide angle view off the actual peak. Looking east at Gobblers, the Park City ridgeline and Brighton at the top of the canyon.

South at the Cottonwood ridge. God’s Lawnmower, Argenta, Kessler, Room of Doom in Mineral Fork, Mt. Superior/Monte Cristo in Mill B, and Dromedary, Sunrise, Twin Peaks and Storm Mtn (left to right).

Zoomed Drom, Sun, Twins & Storm.


Reminiscing about my July 25th blog

Looking West towards Salt Lake. Mt Olympus, Hobb’s Peak, Wildcat Ridge & Grandeur Peak (left to right).

Zoomed downtown SLC and Grandeur.

Goin down one of the chutes looked faster than the ridge so thats what i did.

I love this part.

Comin down you could see Kessler Peak really well with God’s Lawnmower and the Argenta slide paths. At the turn of the century, the base of that mountain had the only saloon and post office in the canyon.

“During the winter of 1996, Argenta came to life again after nearly 50 years of hibernation and tore itself a new slide path all the way down and over the highway. According to the UDOT report, on the second helicopter dropped bomb the slope slid the entire length, taking out trees and covering an expansive 15 degree apron at a ground speed of 150-160 mph. Skiing it a few days afterward was an amazing lesson in the destructive power of a large avalanche. Thirty foot berms of snow were frozen in time, the smell of freshly cut timber hung in the air, and of the few twigs that remained standing, all were stripped of their leaves and branches. Telephone poles and bridges were taken out and the highway was closed as the DOT took 19 hours to plow and chainsaw their way through the wreckage. Today it just looks like a nice little ski run.”

Andrew Mclean 

I had so much fun, I decided to come back with packs to the cirque the next day with kevin.

Woke up to the looming peak above.

Just about every color to the east. We took some time to wander around in the yellow forest and began the long traverse and short climb to Circle Awl Peak.

Lookin back down canyon and at our camp site below the summit. 

Made it to the top of Circle and got a shot of Kevin.

Then he got one of me.

CAP from Argenta. Check out the tracks.

Grabbed some lunch and we were on our way.

If your ever in the area, don’t mess with the Leaf Man.