Big Cottonwood Canyon: Silver Fork to East Bowl saddle (Emma Ridge) to Davenport to West Bowl and out Days Fork.

Elevations: 7,725 – 10,420


My line from Gobbler’s Knob. Starting from my cabin in Silver Fork.

A storm was clearing up.

So i left the neighborhood.

And onto the old silver mining road.

Passed by the Alta Tunnel. They used to run the pony express mail thru this back in the day. Now Solitude and my neighborhood gets all their water from Alta thru it.

Got to the bottom of East Bowl. Such a nice line off the summit in winter.

Checked out the old mine. That boiler and wench was made from metal pieces carried here from Pennsylvania… probably by donkeys. That thing would haul huge carts of silver up outta the hole. 

Made the ridge lookin north back down Silver Fork.

And south over the other side into Alta. Down to the left is Chad’s Gap.

Southeast at Wolverine, Patsy Marley, Catherine’s Pass and Grizzly Gulch.

Headin up Davenport Hill, i got a good look back at East Bowl.

Checkin out the Meadow Chutes. Those lines drop right down to my cabin.

Up and over the hill, i gotta nice look at the West Bowl.

On top lookin east. Notice how theres barely any rocks. Perfect for pre-season pow.

Looking west into upper Days Fork with Mt. Superior in the top left. Theres big steep lines everywhere you look. I can’t wait till winter.

Alta’s Mt. Baldy and Snowbird’s American Fork Twin Peaks. The top of the tram is right in the middle.

With the sun goin down, it was time for my exit down Days.

One last look down Little Cottonwood Canyon.