Been havin a lot of really good days lately… and one bad day where one of my external hard drives shit the bed. I lost far too much including recent shots from steep chutes down south and some A grade timelapses. A little behind on the blog and still trying to recover files, but here’s some randoms from the past week or so.

Quite the drought we’ve had here lately. No snow but the cold temps are keeping that pow nice and smooth for us.

Now here’s something I absolutely love about splitboarding… gettin up onto a high ridgeline and gazing into the alpine with morning light. No shred photos this day… Just great views and gang shred through shaded mini ramp pow pipe for thousands with the homies.

There’s something about seeing a line you’ve ridden with dramatic perspective. It brings back all those intense feelings of fear, joy and accomplishment that you always get during a great day of shred mountaineering.

Here’s a couple flashback photos from that day last spring…

Ian Provo

Good times.

Now back to this year…

A little filming mission was in order on this noice bluebird day. Conditions weren’t “ideal” but we’ll take what we can get and we’ll love it!

Randall is in from Colorado and looking to jump off shit. He proceeded to boost this cliff, charge the chute and end it with a mach 7 tail wheelie out the apron. Solid.

A few frame grabs from the Canon 7D video…

Neil Provo leading the way up the summit ridge.

Tony Pavlantos and Chris Coulter.



Then back up the ridge with the crew.

Dreaming of lines in the distance.

Chris and Neil

Then down the NE face and out the 3,000 feet of rolling terrain and yet another powder-filled halpipe gully. Notice the water ice patches? Gotta keep an eye out for those suckas… they’re everywhere and lining the high ridges. I went for a ride on one of em farther down the mountain and got a serious ass massage… ouch.

Cross the crik n outta there.