Between all the backyard mini jib shreddin, school, and wrappin up the skate season, I’ve managed to get out in the backcountry a bit while we all sit around and wait for a real storm to hit the Wasatch. If your patient enough, you can pretty much watch the snow rot out and recrystalize at the high elevations. Its lookin pretty rough up there. We’re limited to goofin around and diggin pits but it’s all in good fun. Regardless, every step up the mountain is only getting us that much stronger for the big lines that dominate all of my thoughts once the snow starts to fly.

RR Blog 3

Gnar wind slab on Mount Timpanogos.

RR Blog 1

Looks nice… don’t it?

RR Blog 2

RR Blog 4

Did some night boardin with the full moon this week. The snow was actually amazing that night.

RR Blog 5

Hoars everywhere.

RR Blog 9

AF To LCC 2 (for web)

Hey look, more wind slab… and our lines from the  other day in the background.

RR Blog 8

Went back to the ramp in the sky.

RR Blog 10

And pointed it for a few face shots weeks after the last storm.

RR Blog 7

The goods are still out there. Just few and far between. Whatever… I’ll take what I can get and be damn happy for it!

Utah REALLY needs snow right now. This video goes to show that if you sacrifice skis to the snow gods, they will deliver powder. Lets hope this happens again soon.

A mix of photo animation, HD video and POV video. Photos from our backyard “Pray For Snow” party, video of my neighbors n buddies Zach Grant & Cindi Roller and the goggle cam from myself… Enjoy!

Late November from Zachary Clanton on Vimeo.