Well it looks like we may have just experienced the best pre-season imaginable. Storms have been stacked since October, couldn’t ask for better stability, and it’s making us all feel pretty damn good about havin 801 for an area code. I think it’s safe to say the “pre-season” is over now with up to 13 inches of new water weight in the southern part of the range this week, but here’s a reel of shots from my latest shredding exploits before takin off for the annual east coast Christmas toime.

Seagulls in the mountains… that makes sense.

On those longg tours in the south, you always gotta stop for a snack.

And learn to love all the creek crossings. I know Coulter does.

I sure do love me some high speed pow action. Nic got a little too stoked and pointed it from pretty high up there… mach 7 right into a wind drift. I probably would’ve rag dolled but he skipped along like a stone ona lake then kept on cruisin.

Speaking of seagulls… another day and another big chute. I’ll tell ya though I will never take it for granted. That’s the best part about my splitboard only policy. When 100% of my shredding comes from climbing the mountain first, I’m ALWAYS thrilled to be strapping in. I’m never just “takin another chair lap” or losing that initial excitement on a run i’ve done a million times. Splitboarding keeps everything fresh for me and gives me that same stoke I felt growing up in Georgia, dying to shred a snow patch 5 hours away in NC.

Coulter in Blowerville.

Lookin back on our tracks during the second ascent. On this day we decided to rob the good people of Alta n Brighton 2 peaks and 2 chutes of their most prized slackcountry lines. I’m too slow to race anyone up there so we start well before the lifts open. They both become less featured with more snow, you barely break a sweat goin there and we’re still waiting on the lower elevation to fill in… seemed like the right time.

Chris and Chris bustin out the skinner en route to Pio.

Getting close as the fog takes hold again. The Pioneer Chute proper is one of those lines that rides wayy better than it looks or films. With a good dump it can deliver a different style of snowboarding than I’m used to. It’s not wide open and is lined with 5-10 foot cliff bands so you’ve got to find that perfect balance between slowing yourself down and racing your slough. Dropping in first, I make one cut at the top, watch it run down, spray out the bottom… thinking all is good. Next thing I know, I’m on a little spine with snow rushing on either side of me when it cliffs out and I pop and ollie 15 feet into a river of powder. Trying to make turns but not get blinded, I slow down to line up the last cliff  when I get hit by the slough I didn’t see. I straightened it out just in time to not get raked over and pointed it out onto the apron hootin and hollerin… whatta fun ass run. For more, check out Chris’ Blog

Sun dawgss.

And a great sunset out at Voile.

Seeing the West Slabs like this made me reminiscent of goodtimes this fall…

Danimal on the ups.

A little more snow and it’s back to The Hourglass with ZG for Day 1 of filming for The Split Decision.

Another good day to dial in the slough management skills.

My tracks viewed from Alecs & Mark’s  film stance.

Point it.

Bury it.

With all the snow that’s been falling while I’ve been gone, it may be a good time to bring out the 195 swallow!

Happy Christmas toimes to errybody and here’s to a new year full of fresh pow and big lines! With such an amazing start to the winter, I’ve got a feeling the best is yet to come!!