For those of you who have been to a Phish show, I need not explain a thing. You know exactly what its like. All I can say to the people who havn’t is that after you’ve gone, no other concert could compare. It’s not just the music, the experience tickles all the senses and the nights will be burned into your memory forever. Between the tunes, the ridiculous light show, the friendly people and the legendary Phish stage presence, the show is second to none. Those guys know exactly how to have a good time and there’s a reason why venues fill up instantly. Thousands of people are dancing like wild banshees, a glowstick war in full effect, fireworks going off, the music seems to go on forever and the lot is like a full on festival with all-out RV rigs and Shakedown Street where all the unofficial vendors dwell.  I can definitely see why people become Phish heads and follow the tour year after year. They play all different genres and will suprise you with their covers. It’s simply amazing to just be there and witness a moment in musical history that will never be repeated.

That’s only half the camp in the background. Imagine trying to find your tent.