On the road, headed to southern Utah.

Through Beaver…

Had a parrot stare us down on the highway.

And made it into Vegas just in time to pick up my buddy Marissa flyin in from Georgia.

Next stop… Sunny California.

The festival was on a Polo Feild with acres upon acres of green grass. Perfect for 50,000 Phish fans. There were 8 camps named after the potential albums they might cover for their special Halloween set and all of em had street signs so you could locate your friend’s tent. You could find ANYTHING you were looking for on Shakedown Street and Sierra Nevada made a unique brew just for the festival (FOAM). Our whole crew had a deluxe camp with 2 huge trucks, 2 gazeebos, 3 stocked coolers, 8 person tents, full on propane grills and christmas lights to give it some style at night. The weekend was just what you would expect. Elaborate light shows, crazy structures shooting flames, glowstick wars, beer gardens, masses of people decked out in Halloween costumes, spun wookies, fun houses, flying technicolor balloons, giant neon dragons and the legendary ferris wheel. I can shoot photos endlessly and describe this all day long but it was really one of those once in a lifetime events that is only understood by experience. Everybody there that weekend was part of something epic and unique that will never be repeated again… And to cap it off, they covered The Rolling Stones “Exile on Main Street” album in full costume for Halloween.

For those of you who were there, 8×12 or 16×24 prints are available on demand