So its snowing in the mountains…

 Time to scramble for the rock boards and hike into the darkness!

We’re kindof ridiculous (and I got a new tent) so we camped out and stared at our line in the moonlight.

Dan enjoying the view…

High above the city lights before sunrise.

Just enough light to see the South Face of Superior and the road down below.

We hung out on the ridge to watch the sunrise.

Rounded the last corner.

And dropped the Gunsight.

I really didnt expect it to be this good.

But thats Utah for ya. Everything here goes against what normal logic and reason would suggest. The sun hadn’t touched the snow yet so it was like that easy shredding fluff you get mid winter…. and I only hit two little rocks!

Then we were outta there…

Just in time for the crowds to catch the sun baked goods.


Then it was off to “The Gateway to the High Uintas” for some wheelie board action. Thanks for the photo Kevin!

Front board transfer nollie shuv out (click to enlarge)

And another epic sunset at the Oakley skatepark.

Only in Utah…