Yet another weekend spent in school….and this time was just as fun as the last. Here is my account of earning 2 more college credits the best way possible. 

Leaving the trailhead 30 miles outside Hanksville, the plan was to hike 3 miles in to our first camp. The next morning, wake up and follow the Trachyte canyon creek bed all the way to the intersection of Woodruff canyon. After 8 miles, make camp for a second night and then continue 4 miles out to the mouth of the drainage.

Made it to camp just before dark and that night, we experienced hurricane style winds that made mini sand dunes in all of our tents. My stakes flew out and my tent started caving in on me while i was blasted in the face with sand. I had never flown my tent as a kite before…that was a new one.

Much better weather in the morning. 

Packed up our little village and we were on our way.

Plenty of jimmy fandangling awaited us.

Saw some rock art from some of the early pioneers that came through this canyon.

Some of em dating back to 1873.

Mixed in with some older ones from the Native Americans.

Stopped for some lunch and i stopped for some photos.

After swingin a right into Woodruff, we had a little scrambling traverse over a water hole. Dan Smith (our guide/teacher) goin first.

Paul thinkin about jumping in.

Justin right after the crux.

Continuing up Woodruff.

Got to the site and set up camp.

A few of us thought about it but Paul was the only one crazy enough to actually take the slip n slide down into the glacier water. He came out screaming haha.

Definitely a legit swim hole in the summer though.

A few of us went for the summit of this plateau. This is lookin down canyon with our camp site at the bottom right. Leaning into the wind was good times.

From the other side of the plateau, you could see the way we came downstream before we went up Woodruff. At one point we were only half a mile from camp but had 4 more miles to hike. This view put things in perspective.

That night, i think we all slept much better with less wind and a sheltered location. Duck and Samantha’s tent up front with mine in the background. Next time i come back, i am definitely settin up my tent in the same place.

Only 4 miles out to the car shuttle. Out of the 15 miles, those 4 had some of the coolest terrain and scenery.

Samantha and Dan.

Like Zion but on less steroids.

Entering the jungle. We heard a great variety of wildlife calls. Like Jurassic park but with less raptors.

This little guy obviously won the fight.

Made it to the road, lookin back down the canyon. Afterwards, we all drove back to Hanksville and invaded the local burger place. Once we ordered who knows how many milkshakes, we all said our goodbyes and headed back to Salt Lake.

Very nice to come home to snow.