Big Cottonwood Canyon: Brighton parking lot to the top of Great Western to Hidden Canyon and back to Brighton.

Elevations: 8,730′ – 10,721′

At the lot strappin in to dem snowshoes. The group was Zach, Crystal and myself.


Alllmost to the top. Good thing for us, theyre tryin to open next week so they put in a cat track.

The Wasatch in all of its glory. First overlook of the year.

Zoomed Mt. Tuscarora and Wolverine Glade.

Millicent, Monte Crist, Superior, Twin Peaks, Cardiac Ridge, Toledo, Flagstaff, Twin Lakes Pass and Solitude’s Fantasy Ridge (left to right).

Mount Kessler in the back, top of Silver Fork Meadow Chutes in the middle and upper Solitude in the foreground.

Mount Raymond and Gobblers Knob from Sept. 22-24.

More lines in upper Solitude are visible from earlier this week. Kevin and I found somma the best powder ive seen over there. 

Passed up the lift and headed into Hidden.

Oh… Its gunna be good.

Theres some pretty bad wind damage on the upper ridges but farther down, the pow is undisturbed.

Wind affected snowpack was a bit shallow on top of the super bony section. The widespread rain crust was covering all the rocks and bottom layers so we decided to head for the tree chutes. The only instabilities found were in localized wind pockets where it was too high to rain last monday.

Lots of riming.

Our line down into Hidden looking back towards the parking lot at the bottom.


Got to the bottom and Z Money buttered his muffin on some mini pillows. 

Ahh i got crap on my lens.

Took a last look up canyon, climbed back up to the ridge and shredded aspens all the way to the lot.

This is the second most snow Utah has seen in November in 38 years. Perfect ender to an entire week of waist deep pow.