Guest photos by Sean

It all started at about 9pm thursday night. I suddenly got motivated to get after the north face of Superior thinkin there might be some trace of what might be considered powder up there. I missed out on a weekend of the goods while I was at Phish Fest so I called up the boys and convinced them to hike into the darkness at midnight to hava little foyer up at the old abandoned mine.

Jose securing Danimal’s flip flops to the pack.

Here we go…

Bro party at 9,000 feet.

Danimal had an appointment at 10am and an 11 hour work day ahead of him so after chillin by the foyer and cookin up spicy chicken n taters for us, he ventured off in the moonlight with no sleep to get High Ivory for the sunrise… tough bastard

Went to sleep at 6 and woke up at the crack of 9am.

The fellas were dead to the world so I headed off solo.

First look at The Soup. Dan hit up the face on the far right.

That’s where I’m goin. You could see snow blowin around up there so I knew it wasnt corn yet.

Up on Cardiac Ridge. One look at the upper chutes and I knew it was boiler plate so I opted for the pass. I considered billy goating to the summit but the hair ball down climb and no shredding made me think otherwise.

Lookin down into Mill B and out onto the Great Salt Lake.

Took my time soakin in the views then strapped in for the mini chute to a nice big bowl.

The snow was suprisingly good. Wind packed powder… fast and soft. The next pitch was just as nice.

Got back to base camp and spent the rest of the day napping and relaxin by the foyer. Ate some dinner, melted some snow then off into darkness once again.

Good times in the Wasatch.