I just can’t get enough of this zone. I was up here 2 days ago and ran into some serious wind slab so it was obvious I had to rebate the line after a foot of fresh. ┬áRight back to the headwall for some fun before class and a little warm up film session of these mellow powder lines…

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Plenty of hoars out here.

DR Blog 7

A closer look at these little guys. So small yet so fascinating. As most of you know, this avalanche grease makes some pretty terrible layers in our snowpack. I’ve always found it really interesting how they’re created out here in the mountains. It’s like putting a warm hot pocket in the freezer. You get those little crystals all over it in an hour. On cold & clear nights, the warmer snow from the day meets the dropped temps of the night. Since there’s more moisture in warmer air, nature takes it’s course, dew is made and it freezes rapidly enough to make these feather-like crystals on the surface. Snow and avalanches are an entire science of their own and it is something I will be learning about for the rest of my life.

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And ofcourse, doin some shredding along the way. Mark making first tracks before cruising into work fashionably late.

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Z Money

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And Cindi

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Now it’s my turn. The Bird and The Soup in the background.

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Lookin down on the buddies tracks. This is gunna be awesome.

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Gooood times and another great day in these hills of ours. This is the kind of snow you drool over all summer long. I’m so glad my friend powder is back for a while.