DF Blog 5

Through the destruction path.

DF Blog 11

And into the arena.

DF Blog 6

The Line.

DF blog 8

Followed Mar’s tracks…

DF Blog 14

And booted the last stretch.

DF Blog 12

To the ridge walk.

DF Blog 9

DF Blog 7

Days fork 2 (for web) copy

Tyler’s very first turn of the 09-10 season!

DF Blog 4

Lovin it.

DF Blog 10

He had to run off to work but I decided to stick around for more of the goods.

DF Blog 13

The head stash. This little sloping ramp ending up being a damn good time. I had eyed it on the way in and figured the best way to do it was to go right up the thing. It has a really cool feel to it and dumps you right into a nice apron finish.

DF Blog 1

Perfect conditions.

The Powdah Next Door from Zachary Clanton on Vimeo.