RD Blog 1

The Room of Doom.¬†Okay so it didnt look like this…

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More like this.

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ROD Blog 7

When the face made a sudden change in angle, we dug a hastey pit to see how deep it was up here. Suprisingly, we couldnt find the ground right away. We figured it was justa little wind blown so I decided to break to the top.

ROD Blog 6

Right as I got 10 steps away from Mark, the whole zone collapsed making a huge WHOOMPH noise. Game over.. we’re outta here.

ROD Blog 2

Not Before we see how deep it REALLY is. I’m thinkin the settling was from the copious amounts of wind blown snow bearing down on the buried weak layers. There was 3-4 times as much snow here on top of the old facets/crusts compared to most other north facing areas so this is a look into the future. You can see the temperature crust right underneath my arm from before this last storm.

ROD Blog 9

Still got to shred some pow!

ROD Blog 11

Now for the best part. Definitely the highest quality snow in here and you could launch off those mining road switchbacks all the way to the bottom…. so much fun.

ROD Blog 15

Lil dude tryin to eat my orange peels.

ROD Blog 14

“Don’t be fooled by its cute appearance. If it got the chance it would eat you and everyone you care about” – Mark

ROD Blog 10

Then back down the dirt n rocks.