Got the crew together for another attempt at The Soup. The snow wasn’t so hot last time so it’s off into the darkness again…

We somehow got bamboozled on the 3 mile approach to the mine and ended up having more fun than we needed to.

Did some jimmy fandangling…

And set up camp for some dinner in the bitter cold. It was 4 degrees at 8,000′ and we were around 9,500′. A hot bottle of water in the sleeping bag is where it’s at.

Woke up to a bluebird day and left tent city with only one thing on our minds…

The vast ampitheatre of perfect powder.

Near the top of the Eyebrow, we saw 4 skiers that came over from the LCC side breakin in the skinner for us. Makes you feel small doesn’t it?

One more look at The Soup and we dropped down to start the climb.

Skiing on a splitboard? Jake is multi-talented.

Keep up the good work fellas. We’ll be right there.

Definitely more chip than cookie.

Not on the shady side!

Up, up, up…

Gotta look at my last tour in the backyard and the High Uintas.

And watched some skiers eat a shit sandwich.

Now for the icing on the cake!

The skiers chewed out the upper chute so Danimal and I decided to lap up the face while Jake n Tony tagged the summit of Souperior for the first time.

The only time you can get above the clouds is high in the mountains and on a plane/heli. I like it better without the windows.

More shredding!

And down the second pitch.


Then a mellow cruise back to base camp.

For a hot meal and another sunset in the Wasatch backcountry.

Sure am lovin life in Utah.

The Soup Rebate from Zachary Clanton on Vimeo.