I didn’t take many photos today but there’s definitely a story the shots don’t tell you. The morning started off with mellow temps, no wind and some flakes flyin. A 5am start meant breaking trail from the lot and since Kevin was being a champion and booting, I set in the skinner with my snowlerblades that turn into a snowboard. The higher we climbed, the more the wind picked up and it soon became a full on blizzard.

The line.

2,000 vert later, we found the couloir in the dark and climbed just long enough to take off the headlamps. At times, we were sinking up to our necks in fresh wind drifts. So much pow!

Long way ta go and its only getting deeper.

A little higher and a little more sunlight.

Somehow Kevin found the best boot pack line and took over trail breakin duties.

Nearing, the top, I don’t think I have ever been so cold in my life. At -18 degrees wind chill, I couldn’t feel my face or my hands and the mountain just kept blasting hurricane force snow drifts at my dome. Taking my camera out was the most challenging part of the day. This is me feeling awesome.

Finally on top! Now its time to shred all that bottomless fluff we struggled through to get here. My photo and POV camera straight froze and locked up. Sorry no shredding photos or footy. Take my word for it, it doesnt get much deeper than that. Crazy hit or miss wind drifts up top, smooth sailing on the lower half followed by a giant bowl of prime Utah cold smoke… not to mention the gang shred back to the lot.

That had to be some of the most brutal weather I have ever experienced… and in October?