Heres the route as seen from Mt. Raymond the other day.

Goin snowboardin!

Theres it is. 5 miles and over 5,000′ of vertical to go.

Z Money.

Comon…. its a little funny.

And the journey continues.

Finally… at the base of Yer Crazy. 


Good thing this little punter didnt take me out.

Gettin up there.

Pretty much dark at this point. Better get rollin!

I’m so glad we got to knock this one off the list. No better way to wrap up the season. Now that I’m back home in Maryland for a while, thats pretty much it for the year. Anything else I get will just be out of luck. 

I’m ending the 08/09 snow year with 132 days of shredboarding and 173,600′ of vertical. That means I’ve climbed from sea level to the top of Mount Everest about 6 times. Seeing as we usually get more vertical riding than climbing, I’d say thats a lot of pow shredding for a season!