9 foot storm in the desert. This rare event goes down about every 25-30 years so a road trip with the boys was in order.

MA Blog 22

MA Blog 26


Jake shredding his first Bryce Canyon line and heading right for his first red rock cliff.

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MA Blog 25

Look at those spine walls!! When did Alaska come to Southern Utah?

MA Blog 16

And like most things in life… if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. After getting Tony in position, a small cornice drop triggered this 1.5 foot deep, 40-50 foot wide fracture. Not a huge surprise considering all of this snow fell all at once over the past few days. On top of that, the park rangers were monitoring our radio conversation with their scanners and stopped us before we could do anything anyway. Apparently it’s illegal to shred these desert Nation Parks and you’ll get upwards of a $2,000 dollar fine and probably arrested. ┬áSeveral people have been killed in slides just like this due to the weak rock underneath so that might have somthing to do with it. Or as the park ranger told us, “You’ll run right into the hoo doos!”

MA Blog 24

Still far and away the most beautiful sight I’ve ever witnessed.

MA Blog 23

The potential was sickening.

MA Blog 10

Slot canyon couloir anyone? It was so painful to stand on top of alla this and not be able to do a thing… A true feeling of helplessness took over.

MA Blog 21

So we went on a wandering journey through the woods next door to get away from the park rangers in hopes of finding something cool to shred in a more remote side canyon. It wasn’t long before we ran out of daylight and had to make camp in the middle of nowhere with no idea what we were gunna do or where we were. Not so stoked, we made a fire, cooked some dinner and settled into our down bags for another sub zero desert night.

MA Blog 20

Woke up and figured we had nothin to lose… might as well go explore and see what’s out there. Little did we know…

MA Blog 36

This would be our playground for the day. After stumbling upon such an all time spot, you could just see everyone glowing. None of us had ever seen anything like it. An overwhelming sense of how lucky we were settled in… to have the perfect weather, snow and crew all when it matters is really something epic. As amazed as we all were, everyone knew exactly how serious this was. Insane amounts of new snow, avalanche potential, HUGE faces, gnarly death traps, and cliff-out zones everywhere. Starting small, analyzing the snowpack and knowing where your limits are proved crucial at this point.

MA Blog 7


Lets get to work…

MA Blog 28

Danimal goin deep.

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Brook, just seconds before sending it for the first time in Southern Utah.

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Tony finally gettin a chance to do some boardin.

MA Blog 34


Mark, breaking the steepest trail imaginable at alarming speed through the deep pow… as usual.

MA Blog 41


For a first descent? Who knows. This sunny aspect will probably be bare within a matter of days. Makes you wonder how many times this has ever been skiable.

MA Blog 50


In this photo, you can see Danimal overdosing on fun. Hoots, howls and all sorts of other wild calls were just ringing through the canyons. The energy in the crew was unbelievable and it went without saying that we were all here for a once in a lifetime experience.

MA Blog 47

One line each just wasn’t enough.

MA Blog 14

Then up n outta there…

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Just in time to get socked in for the sunset.

MA Blog 13

Packed up camp with ear to ear grins then a long skin out under the moon dawg. The most epic experience ever? Just maybe.