After skateboarding for a few days, it was time to get back on the mountain. We had to drive down to the desert to take care of some traffic violations so we figured…. why not explore some new terrain in the southern Wasatch?

Drivin along, we found this rad little waterfall.

Skate shoes and ice axes… thats how we roll.

The original plan was to hit up these mountains. Santaquin Peak and Loafer Mtn.

Tryin to find the trailhead, we found all these flooded cabins.

I would love to know the story behind these.

After checkin out all the drainages leading to these peaks, we found all of them snowless for atleast a mile or two and most with private property signs posted. We also drove over to Spanish Fork Peak in the background of the above photo and found those trailheads to be bare as well. 

So we headed over to Provo Canyon and took a stroll up the south fork. Got some nice views of Mount Timpanogos. Big Spring Hollow looked like the best place to do some camping. Bunnells and Shingle Mill Canyon dont have too many avy free zones so it was off into the unknown. 

We skinned in about 4 miles with just enough time to set up camp, make a fire and watch the sunset. The plan was to wake up and gain a ridge for some views of the surrounding area. We basically had no idea where we were and the snow wasnt so hot, so it was all about exploration and finding new things to shred.

 We brought all this tasty food but no spoon or fork….. so Dan made one.

Mmm mmm beef chilli.

And some spicy couscous for breakfast.

All of a sudden the temps dropped and those feathers brought in some fierce winds. The soft corn from the day before turned into bulletproof ice. We came here to scope new lines so we headed up anyway.

On top of our line lookin southwest.


And north towards the central Wasatch.

You can see why the helis come back here. 

Cascade Mountain.

And the south summit of Timpananogos. That shows you how strong the winds were. You had to hit the deck when you heard the gusts coming to avoid getting blown off the ridge.

Looks like the clouds are taking a bite out of the mountain.

We dropped thru some trees and popped out right into this little chute back to camp.

Packed it up and took the loooonnngg ride out to the lot. 

That place has some serious potential. The long approaches makes it ideal for camping and solitude. Just gotta wait for that pow!