Big Cottonwood Canyon: Mill B South Trailhead to Lake Blanche

Elevations: 6,200′ – 9,300′

Lake Blanche and Sundial Peak before sunset.

Little marmet homies were everywhere.

Caught one grabbin a bite to eat.

The fellas settlin down and cookin dinner for the sunset.

The Great Salt Lake at dusk.

Whatta view to wake up to. Wildcat Ridge and Mount Raymond in the upper right.

The camp site.

Lookin up at Mount Dromedary and Sunrise Peak.


An up-close look at the terrain behind my camp site. If you zoom in on the full sized image, you can see Bob The Wizard’s tracks from June 1st on the line called “Yer Crazy” in the back bowls of Mill B.

Folliota Carboneria

All of these mushrooms were found at 8,925′ in a localized burnt section of the forest.

Some sort of caterpillar barracks. They’re taking over.

It caught my attention when I saw them flopping around wildly in the bushes.

This little guy was nice enough to pose for me for a few minutes.

On the down and out, things were in full bloom.

Singletrack all the way back to the trailhead.