City of Alpine: Lone Peak trailhead to Fort Canyon waterfall to the second Hamongog meadow and back to the trailhead.

Elevations: 5,200′ – 8000′

This weekend of backpacking was all in memory of Nate, Rebecca’s son, who died two years ago in a tragic accident on his descent route from Lone Peak. Our plan was to visit his waterfall and celebrate the life of a fellow wilderness lover. 

Startin out, a long flat stretch before the switchbacks. Pete and Ken leading the way. Rebecca and I in the back.

Gettin on up. Utah lake in the background.

Made it to the first meadow, gettin hydrated.

Found the world’s largest mushroom and it was time to move on.

Traversed way out, ditched the packs and got ready for the steep descent into Fort Canyon.

After 600 vertical feet of intense bushwacking, we hit the stream and started to make our way to Nate’s pool.

More bushwacking. Shoulda brought my machete.

Pete and Rebecca takin it easy.


Thanks to Ken for pointing out this awesome whirlpool. I wouldve just walked on by.

Quite a climb outta there. Super steep and sketchy footing.

Time for a much needed lunch break at the pack stash. Without Rebecca’s GPS, we wouldve wandered around all day looking for em.

Movin on to the second Hamongog meadow.

Half an hour later, we made it. Ken scopin out camping spots. Lone Peak (left) and Chipman’s Peak.

Found a good one.

Soon enough, we got socked in and the rain came pouring down. Special thanks to Ken for playin his tunes around the camp site later. It was the perfect music for the occasion and he performed an amazing song just for Rebecca. Luggin that guitar all the way up there was well worth it.

Hubba Hubba in the morning.

Gettin clean.

Some trail-work was done to make this one more obvious. It runs east to west under the summit and could easily save lives. This is the trail Nate and his friend missed on their way down in the dark because it looks so similar to the parallel drainage.

Alpine and Utah Lake in the background.

Mount Nebo, the highest peak in the Wasatch.

Packed up and headin down.

Indian Paintbrush on the trail.

Passin the first meadow, not far now.

Praying mantis waitin for us back at the trailhead.

Thanks for an awesome weekend guys!