Big Cottonwood Canyon: Broads Fork to Storm Mountain summit.

Elevations: 6,200′ – 10,450′

Totals: approx. 8.5 miles and 4,250′ vert

My route as seen from Mt Olympus on April 22. The line starts from the first meadow and the trailhead is a little over 2 miles farther down.

Gettin up off the road, lookin down BCC.

Entering wilderness area. No ATV’s, dirt bikes, mtn bikes, snowmobiles or helicopters. Just hikers. My favorite.

Crossin the crik.

Dromedary? Not today.

Zoomed out Drom Peak and first meadow.

Stalkers on the trail.

Goin thru the aspens, almost to the second meadow.

 Lookin north at Wildcat Ridge.

Got a view south at Dromedary, Sunrise, The Twins and Storm Mountain (left to right). My ascent route is the steep gully on the right right, Bonkers.

Refueling for the last stretch. Special shout goes out to my homies who assembled these badass chairs. Thanks guys!

Onward. From here the trail ends and its just bushwacking and scrambling.

The longest 100 yards of all time.

Saw some glide slide debris from the cycle in April-May.

On top, looking down to Stairs Gulch (left), Bonkers (right) and the trailhead behind the ridge in the middle. Mt Olympus, Wildcat Ridge, Raymond, Gobbler’s Knob and Reynolds (left to right).

Twin Peaks and Stairs from Olympus in April.

A View west down Deaf Smith Canyon to the valley.

South at Thunder Mountain (left), Lone Peak (right) and upper Bell Canyon.

The Twins…. definitely dont wunna be doin any falling here.

Another look.

After watching the sun set, the down climb took so long that i didnt make it back to the trail by dark. I proceeded to bushwack around for 45 minutes, stumble upon freshly chewed up deer bones and see glowing eyes in the dark when i shone my headlamp out. It all worked out in the end. The photos were worth it.