Little Cottonwood Canyon: White Pine trailhead to White Pine to Red Pine to Maybird fork to Hogum’s Thunder Ridge and reverse.

Elevations: 7,700′ – 10,300′

Totals: 9.2 miles and 2,600′ vert

A rough estimate of my travel route. The trailhead is a little over a mile from where the line begins.

Over the bridge and thru the woods to White Pine.

A break in the forest gave me this good look up canyon at Snowbird and Alta.

Monte Cristo and Superior from my previous blog. A ridiculous couloir falls from between the two in winter.

Rounding the bend into Red Pine.

Up Red, crossed the stream and headed up to Pink Pine Ridge into Maybird. The Cottonwood Divide is in the background. East Twin Peaks, No Named Peak, Sunrise, Dromedary, Monte Cristo and Superior (left to right).

Got a nice view of Tanner’s Gulch, one of the most active slide paths in the West.

Twin Peaks and Lisa Falls couloir.

Check out these fools charging it….

First look at Thunder Ridge. All capped with snow, some amazing lines come down from there and the famous Hogum 500 is on the other side.

The Mayrbird Lakes (more like ponds) and the Pfeifferhorn in view.

Looking back at the enchanted island. From here the trail becomes pretty much nonexistant and its just boulder hopping.

Up and over the steep scree field, the Maybird Headwall and Thunder Ridge Pass are getting closer.

Gaining the ridge, views were getting pretty epic.

Lookin back down the canyon at my ascent route and the Cottonwood Divide.


Over the Pfeiff’s northeast ridge, AF Twin Peak’s Birthday Chutes, Lake Peak, Red and White Baldy (left to right)

Farther up, found a good place to kick it.

Chillin on some high quality granite.

Damn I’m stylish.

Check out the waves of boulders in Hogum. You mightve noticed em in some of the other shots. They were formed from massive avalanches pushin multi-ton rocks over millions of years. Lone Peak (pointy one in the upper left) and the top of Coalpit aka Perla’s and The Hypodermic Needle (upper center).

The sun is goin down and so should I. You can see the top of the tram at Snowbird in the middle right of the frame.

Heyyy lil dupe.

Patience is a virtue.

Bout a mile from the trailhead, I ran into an unexpected friend. Almost stepped on little Bambii’s head.