Little Cottonwood Canyon: Alta Guard Station to Little Superior Buttress

Elevations: 8,697′ – 10,443′

With an early start, we saw the first light on the Hypodermic Needle and Coalpit.

Ski Nazi territory. Dan setting the pace……fast.

Checkin out our destination. Superior with LSB down the ridge to the right.

“Skooo weeeee!!! …..oh man theres so much poop up here.”

After reaching Cardiff Pass, both summits were in veiw.

Suicide chute looking good and the Pfeifferhorn in the background.

Almost there.

LSB flashback.

Dan got there before me and he was nowhere to be seen. All of a sudden i saw his head pop out from under the snow and he was gone again.

Thought id go down and try to find him.

Following the clues.

Found em hiding out.

On the way out, dan bouldering with his meat hooks.

mmm tasty dirt drips.

Before the exit, Dan decided he wasnt leaving until he got his free-heeling shred on. Ready to drop son.

Super hella powah slash bro.

Ultimate style.

Free-heeled out and ready to head back to the road.

Another LSB flashback.