The only reason im posting these photos is because we saw some crazy recent avalanches. Mother Nature isnt messing around right now.

So it all started by plan A & B getting shut down. Parking at Argenta was impossible and the Butler trailhead was full with an avy class or somthing. Plan C was to skin up to Montreal Hill in Cardiff to do some laps on the Ivory Flakes shoulder. 

There was 6 inches of 14% dense snow on top of 5-8% cold smoke. Completely upside down.

Oh well, here we go.

Entering Cardiff with Kessler to the right.

The first slide path we came upon looked like it ran yesterday before the last of the storm. Notice the freshly snapped tree and stripped branches?

Looking down at the snow covered debris piles. Check out the downed tree at the bottom.

Thats not wind blown.

Lookin up another path.

It must have come thru here atleast 10 feet high.

We thought the snow would get lighter with elevation but no dice.

The Reed & Benson Couloirs aren’t quite ready. The chokes would require a rappel.

Escaping the danger zone.

None of us had a good feeling about our line so we bailed.

Live to shred another day.