Big Cottonwood Canyon: My cabin, up Silver Fork to the top of Meadow Chutes and reverse.

Elevations: 7,725′ – 9,700′


This one started at the front door.

Noice. Somebody broke trail for us.

Met up with Robin…

And made some new friends. The Commander, The Apprentice and The Infidel.

At 60, these guys are killing it. Hope im doin the same thing at that age.

Our column on a northeast aspect. 

The results of a column test. No shearing and the snow seemed to bond well with the last storm. That Thanksgiving crust & facet sandwich is still there and its still possible to trigger full depth slides. The shovel is extended and just barely touching the ground.

I bring this in the event of a Wolverine encounter.

On top lookin down towards Solitude.

If i was a skier, this woulda been a phatty ground score.