TW blog 11

The West Face… 6,000 feet of climbing to the summit and lookin pretty good right now considering the snow faucet has only been dripping on us this season.

TW Blog 1

A few of these… Covered the first 2 grand of vert in less than an hour…

TW Blog 2

And caught the dawn.

TW Blog 3

Just in time to pop outta the snake run gully.

TW Blog 4

The views were so dynamic. Every 10 steps I’d look over my shoulder and my jaw would just drop… Happy Valley is still asleep.

TW Blog 5

Gotta get around the 100 foot rock wall/waterfall somehow… and check out those little cliffs for the way down.

TW Blog 6 B

After 30 steps slipping off Mark’s skinner over scary exposure, we had a straight shot.

TW Blog 7 B

The plan was to see how high we could get on the face before the snow turned to shit or when Mark had to leave for work. About a 1,000 feet shy of the summit, powder turned to wind board and warming temps had us strapping in a bit early this time.

TW Blog 12

5 grand of climbing in 4 hours for 5 grand of vertical shred!

TW Blog 8

TW Blog 9

Casually making pow turns over the 100 foot plus cliff band. Turn left Mark! Turn left!

TW Blog 10

Outta there and back down to Happy Valley. We’ll be back for the summit sooner than later!