UB Blog 3 B

Urban shredding… kindof

UB Blog 4

Gotta love the dawn patrol.

UB Blog 5

The crew: ZG, Cindi, Alecs with the snot rocket and the target in the background. Another one of the few big lines without all the sweeping avalanche potential in these crazy times.

UB Blog 6

When you have 5,500 feet of climbing and who knows how many miles ahead of you, its best to use Trail Shortener.

UB Blog 7

Winter time.

UB Blog 26

Summa time.

UB Blog 10

Perfect powdah and the sun is shining.

UB Blog 11

Euphoria set in.

UB Blog 12 B

A journey through the pines.

UB Blog 2

And up to the summit.

UB Blog 14

Epic views of the Coalpit Headwall.

UB Blog 15

And Lone Peak. That was a fun one.

UB Blog 17

The Sheep’s Pen.

UB Blog 18

Can’t forget the Bighorn.

UB Blog 19 B

Thats riiiight where Alecs lives.

UB Blog 21

Hi Mom!

UB Blog 20

Whip the skins and turn those things into a shred machine.

UB Blog 22

Strap em in and…

UB Blog 23

UB Blog 1

UB Blog 24

UB Blog 25

I’ll be buzzing for days.