Big Cottonwood Canyon: Up Argenta slide path to the west ridge. About 30 feet shy of the Kessler summit, out to the Argenta Couloir and down the halfpipe to the road.

Elevations: 6,900′ – 10,403′

Kessler Peak as seen from Mill D North.

Yet another beautiful sunrise in the Wasatch.

Bout 2/3 of the way up by first light.

With the target in view. First you make the summit in the top right and traverse down until you run into the entrance of the main couloir.

This cliff zone is pretty epic. Plenty of places to build a lip and a stack of pillows in the landing.

Gained the ridge and got a look down into Mineral.

Fresh cornices were everywhere on the upper ridges. A stomp or two made these pop right out and trigger shallow soft slabs that ran into the trees below.

 Thanks for breakin trail Mark!

Almost to the top with the giant shadow of Kessler keepin all the snow nice and fluffy.

Best not to step out too far.

Gettin ready to drop.

Just a snow balls throw away from the real summit. Kindof out of the way and not worth gettin all up on those cornices.

Got a nice look at Mt. Superior from 2 days ago.

One last look down canyon and its time to shred some powdah.

Felt like we were in Alaska with all the steep spines we traversed and out over the sucker chute. It looks nice from here but it cliffs out at the bottom.  

Mark diving into the goods. 3,500′ of blower pow to the road.

And back to the trusty shoe wagon. Every single inch from top to bottom was unbelievable. Definitely one of the best lines of the year. A steep couloir with a tight choke into a halfpipe gully with natural hips and wind lips all the way down. Life is good in Utah.