With this crazy avalanche problem we’ve been facing, it’s been really tough to find BIG lines that don’t have sweeping death potential. The Lone Peak south face is one of the biggest climbs in the Wasatch without the biggest consequences. 6,000′ up, 6,000′ down.

LP Blog 12

LP Blog 2

Still feeling sick and hacking up all kinds of lung butter on the mining road, this first bit of light and sweet view of the summit gave me the power I needed for the final push.

LP Blog 1

Summit! I’ve been wanting this one for years now! Biiiig drop off to the west.

LP Blog 5

And steepness to the east. It looks so good and you know the powder would be epic but in these conditions, you would surely die.

LP Blog 6

Thunder Mtn 1 (for web)

LP Blog 16

This is my version of paradise. Calm and sunny on a high mountain peak… we kicked it on the summit for over an hour.

LP Blog 4

Lovin it.

LP Blog 7

Here we go… 6 grand of non-stop reward to the valley floor.

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Can’t pass up the constant pillow poppers in the woods.

LP Blog 11

Sweet satisfaction.

And if ya missed it… here’s the helmy cam footage.