Little and Big Cottonwoods: Alta Guard Station to Mount Superior, down the south face & back to Alta, around to Brighton to Dog Lake and up the north Pioneer ridge to Dog Bowl and back to Brighton.

Mount Superior. The south face is one of the most classic lines in the mountain range. With over 3 k of vert from the summit and every type of terrain imaginable, its no wonder. You have steep spines, narrow chutes and a wide open apron at the bottom. On top of that, it only has a 24 hour period when you can catch fluffy pow after a storm due to its aspect. 

Almost to Little Superior by dawn. Joining us this morning was the entire staff of Black Diamond with the intent of gang shredding.

Lookin down into Cardiff. Down under those clouds is where all the mobs of kids go sledding.

Not far now.

Ah yes… a little bit of sun to warm up my ice block hands. 

New snow slide on High Ivory.

Most of the ridge to the summit looks like this…. tryin not to slip and hoping the wind doesnt blow you off. Taking this photo with numb hands was fun.

I climbed all the way to the top and didnt warm up once. Is it bad that i still can’t feel my pinky?

On top lookin down LCC and the massive Monte Cristo headwall. 

This is an official advertisement for any ripper who wants to get this photo. Just imagine yourself shredding down this face and sending pow slashes thousands of feet over the edge. Looks steep but its only 35 degrees so you can charge it. I know you want it Mark!

A peek down Mill B to the S turns. Mt. Olympus and Wildcat Ridge.

And some more recent slides on top of the Heart of Darkness. This is a crazy one. In the middle of the Heart is a 500′ chute just a little wider than most snowboards are long with 80 foot rocks walls.

Madness…and definitely on the list. I found this shot on the web.

Skins off and ready to kill it.

Startin it off right with a blast in the face by wind and snow. 36” of new and over 3,000′ of it under our feet.

I couldnt get enough of the goods so i ventured over to B Town and met up with Jarvis.

He got ready for some cliff photos and i got in position by getting first tracks down dog bowl.

Center punched a speeder run just in time for…

The drop.

Got a little bored waiting for the next angle…

And bagged the shot of the day. Frontside Five.