Skoooo wweeeeeee! It finally started nuking again in the Wasatch! For a while there, it was looking pretty grim.

TP Blog 4

There’s a lotta new snow out there and more on the way! A few avalanches came down naturally during the most intense part of the storm. Pick one and use it as an up route.

TP Blog 2

Absolutely nobody around for miles! High avy danger means no crowds and epic shredding conditions. The theme of the day was gang shred slashing battles. The goal is to get as much snow down your buddy’s jacket as possible. Huge smiles were just stuck on our powder covered faces. Danimal, Alecs, Mark and I couldn’t be happier about the change in weather cycle. Now off to Snow Science class.

TP Blog 3

Then an amazing night with Umphrey’s Mcgee @ The Depot! These guys are definitely my favorite band live. If you’ve ever seen them before, you’ll probably do anything you can to get your hands on some tickets next time they’re in town. It wasn’t long before I started seeing countless friendly faces in the crowd. I kindof drop off in the winter so it was pretty cool to see loads of my summertime music friends. Afterwards, we went skateboarding into the wee hours of the night in the streets of downtown Salt Lake. The 20th of January summed up everything I love to do in life. You dont get too many chances to have a triple play day.

Umphrey’s photo animation video coming soon!