Big Cottonwood Canyon: Sunrise to Summit, up Fantasy Ridge to Silver Fork East Bowl, up Davenport Hill, down the north face, up West Bowl to Days Fork, down Fangs and out to Spruces Campground.

Elevations: 7,300′ – 10,500′

First slackcountry mission of the year outta Soli and the place was a ghost town.

Brook, Darren and I had Fantasy all to ourselves. The blasting winds might have had somthin to do with it. Deemed the most dangerous in-bounds boot pack in North America, most of it is just as wide as you are with sheer drops on either side. My board acted as a sail and almost sent me off the edge a few times.

A good look down Little Cottonwood.

And at our camping spot last week.

Down in the shady northerlies…

The powder was gooood.

Thanks for the shot Brook!

Skinned up the worst snow of all time in West Bowl.

To the Days ridgeline. Photo by Darren.

Found the hidden entrance into Fangs.

And the key hole.

So after I see Brook rip down the chute i’m like….. ok I can take this with some speed (even tho I have no idea whats after the rollover). As soon as I get to the choke I just see his tracks straighten out over some cliffs and expose tons of rocks. Your crazy man.

Now for the 3 mile gully run out to the road.

Just like the bowls at the skatepark.

Ollie pop on the pillows.

And a clean finish.