Ohhhh yess… Back in Utah after 10 days on the ice coast. Good times with friends n family but it feels amazing to be back in the powdery mountains that I call home. I came back to the cabin to find my brand spankin new rocker twin tip Venture Helix split waiting for me. Time to take the new whip out for its first drop.

DD Blog 1

Last day of low pressure so we decided to check out a new set of lines, cliffs and pillows. Give it a hefty stack of fresh and itll be good to go.

DD Blog 4

Until then…

DD Blog 2

Soul turns is the name of the game. The new board is like nothing i’ve ever felt. Witha rocker twin, you can ride deep pow no effort, butter all 4 ways and land/take-off switch no problem. The possibilities are endless and i love it!

DD Blog 6

We ventured off to another peak and gotta look back at our first summit of the day. We ended up finding this massive playground of fun features… we’ll be back.

DD Blog 3

But for now, we’ll just choose one before it gets dark. Brook blasted over the branches to the 3 foot tranny in a very calculated fashion.

DD Blog 7

And finally, some essential durability testing of his new Jeenyus split in ski mode… nice job Jake.