Utah hasn’t seen a storm in a REALLY long time. Might as well go check every aspect and elevation in the southern and central Wasatch for good snow. I have avy class every Friday in LCC so it’s a race against time.

AF Blog 3

Good thing we’re splitboarders. Don’t wunna get busted in AF.

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AF Blog 5

People have been saying the mountains are bony.

AF Blog 6

Nice pow ona NE face at 10,000 feet.

AF Blog 7

None of the NE lines on Box Elder are in yet… still fun to look and dream.

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AF Blog 9

Hung out on top of an unknown peak for a while just soakin in the views, eatin a big lunch, then some sweet pow turns down the north face.

AF Blog 10

We’re headed over there. This whole side of the range is downright awesome. Out all day and never saw a single track. It’s true peace, solitude and high elevation.

AF Blog 11

A walk in the sky…

AF Blog 12

From one county to another.

AF Blog 13

Up, up, up

AF Blog 14

And over the Apline Ridge pass for the 3 mile shred out Red Pine.

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AF Blog 2

Polarizers are fun.

After leavin the canyon, it was off to celebrate my good friend Kevin’s birthday late into the night with tons of homies at the Stonefed show @ The Hogs Wallow Pub. With only 2 hours of sleep, Danimal and I managed 24 hours of non-stop action!

Happy birthday buddy!