Little Cottonwood Canyon: White Pine Trailhead to White Pine, up Red Pine to the upper cirque and back.

Elevation: 7,500′ – 10,100′

This morning started out perfectly. It wasnt too cold and we didnt need headlamps for the first 1.5 miles. There was so much moonlight you could see your shadow. 

I have never seen a riming event like this one. We got out before any of it melted so it transformed the landscape into this frosty wonderland.

The Twins.

Went down into the lake with the first rays of light on Red Pine Peak.

And up Fun Time Park.

Isnt there enough wind effect already?

Lookin back from the White Baldy Lakes at Cottonwood Ridge.

An old crown was pretty obvious on the Red/Maybird Divide.

Our hopes of gaining the upper ridge was dashed with all the wind effect and riming. The last of the protected powder was 100 feet ago.

The riming was hit or miss and especially bad at the highest elevations. There was still pockets of goodies hidden all around.

And plenty of pow and vertical to the road.

On the way out, we noticed the debris from the old crown. Maybe more recent than i thought.

One last look at Red Pine Lake…. and we’re off.

And back to the trailhead.