We left camp dark n early for another sunrise in the upper cirque. Alarm clock, cliff bar, safety meeting, frozen boots then strap on the ol headlamp… we’re off.

MB Blog 18

Fresh Manbearpig tracks.

MB Blog 19

I love this part.

MB Blog 20

MB Blog 21

The moooooon.

MB Blog 22

Then first tracks down the powder pipe!

MB Blog 23

3,000 feet of tube shredding just wasn’t enough so we took an old skinner up to the shoulder to add some more vertical.

MB Blog 24

Ohhh yess that looks just right. Non-stop goodness allll the way to the road. Open bowls to tight tree chutes then back to the halfpipe for miles. This woulda been prime footage for the POV cam but it’s out of order for now.

MB Blog 25

Through the gauntlet.

MB Blog 27

And ofcourse, the savage creek crossing.

MB Blog 29

Hitched a ride up to The Bird for some greasy french fries then made a casual jaunt back up to our home.

MB Blog 28

For yet another perfect Salt Lake sunset.

MB Blog 32

We’re doin somthin right.

MB Blog 30

Since I’m such a wise guy, I thought I’d put my freshly melted snow bottle in my jacket so it wouldn’t freeze. It ended up exploding all over my outerwear. Some quality time with the boot drier was in order if i didn’t want to be a popsicle in the morning.

MB Blog 31

Woke up after a mellow 10 hours in the toaster oven that is my sleeping bag and spent the day ripping all the Nicholas Muller-esque terrain features around camp.

MB Blog 33

Stashed the pack then spent hours shredding tree lines with a huge smile on my face till my legs couldn’t handle it anymore.

Do I really have to go back to “reality”? Guess so… school starts monday.

I’ll be back.