MB Blog 1


MB Blog 2

The crew.

MB Blog 3

After hours skinning through the storm, we stumbled upon the Mouna Bowa Teepee. Definitely the first people here this winter and I was the only one to come stock it in the summer. This place is awesome.

MB Blog 4

We quickly made ourselves at home. It was still early so I ventured off solo into the pines to get some quality pow shredding in on the first day and to scope some lines for the next day. I somehow got myself lost in the whiteout up high but a break in the weather allowed me to find my way back. That area can be really confusing in bad weather.

MB Blog 5

When I got back, Kevin had a lil Captain in em and decided to swing around on the dead trees… SNAP! good thing theres pow in the landing.

MB Blog 6

I’ll never get tired of big fires in the mountains with homies.

MB Blog 8

Kevin n ZG windin it down for the night.

MB Blog 9

I couldnt get anyone to wake up in the dark with me so I went off solo again to the upper cirque. Twin Peaks and Sunrise glowing in the pre dawn.

MB Blog 11

Big Mountains.

MB Blog 10

This was my main target for the trip but it still looked shark infested and a rime crust had ruined all the alpine bowls. My hopes for big lines pretty much died that morning but I realized there was still loads of perfect untracked blower below the tree line. Took some super fun steep tree runs and exited the drainage by a series of mini chutes.

MB Blog 12

Back to the homestead and the buddies were just gettin ready. Got down on some lunch, enjoyed the bluebird day out there…

MB Blog 13

Then it was off for some more…

MB Blog 14

Of this. Lots and lots of this.

MB Blog 15

Everybody ended up takin off for one reason or another then I met up with Alecs for an afternoon session.

MB Blog 7

Home again.

MB Blog 16

MB Blog 17

Better dry those skins, we got another alpine start tomorrow…