With so many days on the mountain, it been hard to balance shredding with editing. A little behind on the blog reel and there’s been a lot of tours with incredible snowboarding experiences yet minimal photos… the following is a mixed bag from late Jan – early Feb.

This peak was a damn good time… The photo was shot 4 hours into a 5.5 hour continuous ascent. Crampons n axe on an ice glazed summit ridge led to an exciting couloir section followed by settled pow for miles. I only got a handful of shots because it was all i could do to keep up with Rick Black and Jeremy Jolley. Rick is 30 years older than I am and was always a solid 200 yards in front of me… schoolin all us kids with a shocking pace. He built his own prop plane so he can fly over the mountains and go… hey that looks fun… then ski it the next day. When he’s not doing that, he’s a paramedic for the Life Flight Rescue Heli… doin it big.

5,100 feet of vert from peak to road… every bit of it was glorious.

The Heli Turds like to fly back here but they never touch the good stuff.

Good ol southern hospitality.

On other days, its nice to cheat a little bit. UAC avalanche forecaster Brett Kobernick backin out the pony.

The Cowboy has all kinds of crazy innovations. He calls this one the Hubble Telescope with a custom-made IPhone attachment for getting the proper shot on his feild days. Others include his pole-saw and that sweet truck he rigged up for his sled and dirt bike… complete with sleeping arrangements and speaker system.

Ice runnels… this is a new one for me. During the MLK rain event, some of the water made its way through many different layers of the snowpack. We dug atleast 10 pits throughout the day. I was just trying to learn as much as I could from a master.

All in a day’s work.

The 3 temptations.

On this day, this was the only photo I took.

And this was the line… an all time favorite and one of my first tours ever. Did this one on snowshoes a few years back then somehow managed to snap my splitboard another time.

Met up with the Provo Bros for this bitterly cold bluebird day with 14 inches of blower.



Frame grab from Canon 7D video.

The coldest of cold smoke.

This is where I felt the only bit of warmth all day. Good thing i was wearing my solar bowling shoes. From here, we skinned up and were the first tracks down The Soup south face by 430 pm. -40 degrees with wind chill… Frozen solid, but feelin lucky.

A journey through an ancient forest…

Into The Fuzzy Naval.

And out.

Plenty of pillows for the poppin. Alister got this shot of me mid back 80. The reason this place is so attractive to me is because you get to link up a series of 3 super fun a varied lines ina zone that isn’t easy to navigate. You can go there over n over yet never take the same line and always run into fun little features to session.

It was so good I went right back with another powdah refresha.

TB afterburn.

Frame grab from Canon 7D video.

Now for the ender.

Conditions were ideal… and I wanted more so I climbed up the other side of the road for a good look at our tracks and another 1500 feet in blowerville.

Utah is killing it.