I heard it snowed a little bit while I was gone….

Completely unnecessary but we love this kinna stuff.

And we love this even more.

Mark leading the charge.

Bout to rally this shredboard allll the way down. Deepness for the entirety and the bottom was littered with natural hips and lips galore. Too bad it rained so much with those storms… the low elevation is a hateful bushwack to say the least.

Somebody abandoned their Panther

Spooky eh? The debris you see here slid over a mile and a half from the upper alpine cirque… I can only imagine gully carvers like this rage down the mountain at 100+ mph with flying refrigerator sized blocks in tow.

Typical starting zone.

Forrest on the moonscape. This planned recon day could have been a summit day if it wasn’t for the incredible wind damage up high. Our line of choice would have to wait. We decided to trade in shitty riding from the top for 5,000 feet of sheltered north facing pow.

I gathered endless photos of surrounding peaks like this beast. Check out the exposed ramp line coming down from the left summit.

And this lil guy. Does it go?

After coming down the east ridge, our run dropped from here and ended on the road at the bottom of the valley. A 4 mile shred starting with a series of tree chutes that spits you out into the bottom of the stunning cirque. Just like every other trip report I’ve read about this place, I decided to shralp the whole thing top to bottom with very little photos of the alpine madness. Numberous slidepaths were empty shotguns with 20-40 foot debris piles filling the halpipe gully for miles. The collision of so much snow made for the most amazing natural terrain park. Top it with 3 feet of pow and we’re there spinnin around on slighty disguised evidence of a truly devastating force of nature.

Then we ran into the most impressive avalanche of them all… We took a lot of photos but nothing seemed to do it justice.

Cruisin out, you’d be ridin your tail down a line of these pillows then suddenly see a gaping hole you had to ollie with the quickness. Very fun.

The next 4 shots are from Mark Hammond when he came up this drainage the previous day. With better light, his images do a much better job at showing the magnitude.

It just keeps going…

And going…

And ends here. At the toe is a compressed pile of snarled and tangled trees that got caught up, twisted, snapped and buried into the creek.

The rest of the way out was one surprise after another since we didn’t come up the same way. There were probably 10 creek crossings all with sketchy little log jibs bridging the rushing water. We couldnt stop laughing as each one of us just barely made it across without belly flopping into the creek.

Stopped long enough for Forrest to point this out to me. I made him and Bucky wait 10 minutes while I geeked out with the macro. Sorry guys I just can’t help myself.