Words can’t even describe how good Utah has been. 150 inches fell in less than a week right in my own backyard. A lot of time has been spent with no backpack and no camera. Just cruising Brighton in 100% blower pow with tons of good friends. I can only go so long without bringin out the camera and gettin some shots so heres a few photos from the weeks of magic and mystery.

These shots perfectly describe the last few weeks of B-Town. Non-stop untracked pow laps all day long. I can’t think of a better way to spend the spring.

Another day, I walked up outta the neighborhood.

And hitched a ride with Jose.

A late start meant a tracked out G-Dub face.

A few steps….

And we had the place to ourselves.

A buncha slackers.

After takin tons of laps out into Hidden, we made a visit to the cabin.

It was a little buried but we made it somehow.

This place is money! You gotta a lounge room, a place to sleep…

All the amenities.

Some familiar photos of Tanners Gulch.

And some other stuff.

After some more pow turns, it was back to the neighborhood.

And down to the valley for some sunset wheelie boardin.

Thanks for shootin the photo Jake!