Snow conditions are pretty rough right now. A huge contrast to the waist deep pow last week. The radar showed a little storm comin in that hit Ogden and Logan so we decided to go for a drive. I have never been farther north than Layton skatepark so it was time for some new experiences.

Thats a big bird. Looks like it only snowed an inch or so…. better than nothin!

Stuart was havin some technical difficulties so Bucky and I went for a warm up run.

Lookin back after a little bit of stability testing. I ollied off that cornice up there to the right and it didnt come with me…. thats a good thing.

Looks like this one went all by itself.

Ya gotta give em credit. First time on a splitboard and some of the hardest skinning conditions.

Heres a look at the upper part of our line. The peak to the left is Chilly Point and theres two slide paths that fall to the road. 

Another naty slide possibly running on old facets. They seem to be more preserved up north vs. the central Wasatch.

Looks like this cornice line cracked off pretty wide a few days ago. Its just too mellow here for those chunks to take off down the mountain.

Its magical.

A framed Ben Lomond. Named after the peak in Scotland because of similar appearance.

And a look south at Snowbasin.

Its a long way to Ben.

Gettin dark so we better drop.

Deepest pow ever!

After the initial bowl, the chute narrows down and becomes a halfpipe run to the bottom. Reminded me of The Tube.

Freshly snapped trees…. always comforting.

And outta there just in time for the moon to come out.

Ah yes…. life is good.