So the sun has been having its way with our beautiful powder. Everything is total crap but we wanted to get out anyway and do some looking around for new chutes and cliffs for the next storm. None of us had been here in the winter but I was returning to the site of my first blog.


Perfect double line!

Got my first look at Yer Crazy. My favorite line I’ve never done. Its that hourglass chute that starts in the upper right.

Dromedary Peak. The other side is Tanners Gulch.

Another perfect set of diving boards. 

And some blue ice jumps. Man I wish the snow didnt suck.

Is that an ice cave?

Take off your skis and come inside!

Mmm….snack time.

Cindy and Zach had to take off to catch the Banff Mtn Film Festival so I kept skinning to the upper lakes to see if  could find anything else.

Pick a line….. any line.

Yet another perfect cliff spot.

And another. You could just spend days camped up here hitting cliffs all day.

Walked the dam.

And gotta look at the Sundial.

Summa time.

Watched the sun start to set.

And realized its gettin dark so I should probably get outta here.

That was a lot of fun for how shitty the snow was… and it got us all stoked to come back when its deep!